Current Project Information

We have released a wallet and have completed the coin swap process from the old coin (ans) to ANDS.  This necessitated a substantial premine to facilitate the communities needs in moving from the old coin/algo to the new. No coins generated post block 100,000 were accepted in the swap. We are excited to be listed on CryptoBridge as well as Masternodesonline. Come to our Discord for the most up to date information.

Reward Structure

This is the current and up to date reward structure for the new blockchain. With the new algo comes the opportunity to Mine and/or own a Masternode see  Support if you need assistance or have any quesions.

                             Now listed on CryptoBridge

Whats next?

Anodos coin is currently being reborn into a legitimate Cryptocurrency project. With our new  wallet released, we are pushing out a sustainable reward structure, and developing this project further. With this project being reborn, our whitepaper will be released in the weeks to come. To keep up to date on our process, visit our Discord Channel  and follow us on Twitter.

                                 Now listed on CryptoBridge